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Holland & Barrett (H&B) is a chain of health food shops with over 1,300 stores in 16 countries, including a substantial presence in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

One angry customer wrote this about Holland & Barret on trustpilot: Holand & Barret is by far the worst company to deal with if you want to receive goods outside of the UK. I literally use feelunique.co.uk and other websites to get things delivered to Spain and my parcels ACTUALLY arrive. Two times now Holland & Barrett shipped my goods. First time order didn't arrive, I asked for a replacement. Replacement has been shipped - didn't arrive again! At this point I called them to request a refund, but a very unhelpful woman on the phone called Rhonda sent me a third replacement. I literally started laughing on the phone, as I said I don't want another replacement that is not going to arrive. I want a refund of my money, as I cannot wait another two weeks for something that clearly is not going to arrive... This company is a joke. Don't advertise that you are shipping to Europe when in fact god knows what sort of delivery company you use, as parcels are not reaching your customers...


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Hampshirecm says

"Absolutely awful! Avoid this company at all costs. Customer services are not interested in anything that goes wrong and, even worse, the people in the hierarchy who are in charge are not interested. I even went through Resolver but this did not elicit a decent response either."

Marc says

"Unfortunately last 2 deliveries damaged. Don't know whether issue is courier or H&B but it has become a very poor service."

Karen Postle says

"Shops are fine, with helpful staff. If you can cope with their awful website - ads constantly popping up etc. and you check pricing/discounts carefully as these sometimes change during ordering, their deliveries are OK. There it ends! If I could give no stars for 'subscribe and save' and customer service I would. I've only had one successful delivery in 6 months and, when I tried to follow up with customer services, I received no reply to e mails or to a letter, sent when I was fed up with waiting for a reply to e mails! I eventually received one completely unhelpful and inappropriate response. Recently had: 1. e mail advising delivery on its way and subscription payment was taken from my credit card 2. e mail telling me it was delayed 3. No response to e mail querying availability 4. Waited ages on phone to customer services, only to be told my order had been sent - this being the order I was advised was delayed! I'm now waiting for a refund. Needless to say I've cancelled my subscription and doubt I'll bother with this company again unless they can get their act together. I know times are very tough, staff off sick, isolating etc. but something is very wrong here."

Kat says

"My goodness, it's almost laughable how bad my experience has been! My order, placed on 28th December, is still only showing as "order processed" and I get no response when contacting customer services (first emailed 10 days ago but still no response) so I guess I've just p*ssed away my money. EDIT- Suddenly my email has been responded to and a refund is on its way. Took 3 weeks but here we are"

Diana Smehova says

"Placed an online order on 9th January. Order should arrive on 14th. It is still processing and not despatched . Customer service didn’t answer . I would like to cancel order but they don’t have this option . Very disappointed."

G says

"Placed an online order on 3rd January 2021. Now the 18th January and still have not received the order. Says still in the warehouse. Customer services non existent. Automated email response and the phone just rings out. Proceed with caution and at your peril."

Afifa Patel says

"I bought vegan multivitamins from here and they taste and smell awful. They make me feel sick each time I have them. Never again. Not worth the money at all."

Gurjit Dhillon says

"I have brought items online from Holland and Barrett before but never again. It is fine when there are no issues but when there is an issue it is a nightmare.I had a bag of nuts delivered as part of the order,the bag was split. I raised it with customer service ,they got back to me asking for my order number even though it was on the original email.I sent this but I heard nothing back. I raised again,no reply. They’ve now lost a loyal customer from incompetence."

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